Something Serious: Alex Griffin on Australia’s History with Manus Island

Alex Griffin is a terrifically smart person with a sensitive eye for historical detail.

He has written extensively for street presses, as well as more recently publications including Sydney Morning Herald, Voiceworks, Junkee, Crikey and Tiny Mix Tapes.

As you can see from the SoundCloud embed above, I spoke to Alex to discuss his article for the latest issue of Overlandwhich is about Australia’s long and ongoing use of offshore detention on Manus Island prior to the most recent controversies of the past decade. Alex’s article zeroes on the cultural malaise that exists then and exists now.

I am very excited to talk to him about his work.

Transcript in full here.

On Drug Use & Sport

Ben Cousins is one of many who have had the finger pointed at them for bringing drugs into the AFL. Image by Brad. Courtesy of Creative Commons.

Social and illicit drug use has continued to be a major topic in the AFL despite the practice becoming increasingly popular amongst 18-30 year olds.

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How do we make art criticism more accessible?

The current malaise in funding by the federal government has led to artists and arts administrators increasingly publicly making the case themselves for the continued cultural relevance of visual culture in Australia.

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I Want to Go to Rio: Reviewing Channel Seven’s Olympic Coverage

Channel Seven’s coverage of the Rio Games this year was a significant upscaling of the Olympic viewing experience for Australian viewers, or at least it purported to be.

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