Things I can do: Writing, reporting, research, copy editing, short-form reporting, news reporting, audio production, podcasting, audio editing, video production & editing, videography, online production, multimedia, front-end web presentation, social media, analytics, data visualisation, photography, talk to people, listen, record competently, take notes.

The tools I use to do those things: Word, Libre Office, Adobe CC (Audition, Photoshop, Audition), Excel, OutwitHub, Tableau, Infogram, DataWrapper, OpenRefine, Carta, Google Fusion Tables, LastPass, PGPTools, Signal, Twitter, Instagram, Tor, WindScribe, Tyme, Macbook Pro, Mail, iPad Pro, Zoom H5 Recorder, Zoom & Rode Microphones, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, Ricochet, Grammarly, Etcher, Tyme, Pens, A5 Moleskine Notebooks, Diary, Contact Book, Nike Free Runs.

Things I like doing when I’m not doing the above things: Reading, running, cycling, chess, video games, sleeping, eating food, watching TV, trying to grow plants, cooking, drinking wine, dancing, mixing at home, talking to friends, hanging out with pals, the usual stuff.

Work Interests: Social affairs, technologies, politics, labour, ethics, LGBTI issues, gender, sport, media issues, transport and urban planning policy, music, cultural production (visual art, cinema, music, literature), long-form writing, radio and podcasting documentaries, pop culture (podcasts, TV, radio).

Contact me if you want: [Work Interests] + [Tools] + [Things I can do]