I have come to most of my interests in roundabout ways.

I never really intended to be a writer and journalist, but here I am. It was the skill that got me through most of my university degrees (I’ve completed a few) but it never was something that was the point in and of itself.

When I was doing Film and Film Theory it was the writing that was the most exciting part. As a Visual Artist, people have been more excited by my proposals than the work itself (A disappointing problem to have). As an amateur sportsperson, my teammates have always told me I could spin a good yarn more than kick a nice 45 metre pass.

Writing has been a constant and probably the thing I find the easiest to do.

This folio is a site to showcase that skill and the myriad ways I can be of service to you as writer or editor.

Whilst I specialise in the fields of Sports and Arts writing, I have worked across a number of areas, including writing essays, hard news articles, copy and blog-style content. Additionally, I have edited marketing copy and academic articles on a freelance basis.

This website will showcase that writing and editing work, my thoughts on what’s going on with Sports & Arts media coverage as well as my own CV and ways to contact me.