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I am a writer, editor, multimedia journalist and artist with a preference for projects that create clarity through complexity or fuzziness with facts, using modes such as storytelling, bricolage, the essay, installation, poetry, performance, criticism and design.

I work with video, publishing tools, words, the internet, physical objects, the body, data and sound to explore labour, and the intersection of self, narrative and capital.

I have produced, published and exhibited work locally, nationally and internationally in a variety of contexts.

In my work for commercial news outlets such as Australian Community Media and The Conversation Indonesia, I have edited in and reported on areas such as sport, economic inequality, politics (local, state and international), technology, arts, culture and the justice system.

I am available for freelance and commercial projects; I also occasionally DJ at weddings and parties and produce mixes under the alias Local Library.

Additionally, contrary to my photo, I've never worked at the ABC: I won the shirt competing in a Sunday afternoon sports quiz in the early 2000's.


"Unsociable Game”: A five-part, limited run podcast about concussion and community football that looks at the personal, lived experience of four footballers and the broader policy questions that exist regarding head injury management at the game’s amateur level (Approx. 35 mins, 2018).

“Homecoming song: Gordi performs in Canowindra” (Canowindra News, 20/2/19)
“The many voices of the North” (Pursuit, 30/11/17)
“Picturing the future for Australia’s ‘largest outdoor gallery’” (The Citizen, 9/5/2017)

“Q&A: Neliti Co-Founder Anton Lucanus - “We’re hoping this becomes the Wordpress for Digital Libraries” (The Conversation Indonesia, 30/1/2018)
“Public broadcasters need to focus on public service in fighting 'fake news': Emily Bell” (The Citizen, 17/3/17)

“Driver acknowledges error after crashing vehicle into a tree” (Cowra Guardian, 21/11/19)
“‘Tap and go’ bottleshop trip leads to 12 month CRO at Cowra Local Court” (Cowra Guardian, 6/6/19)

"Council takes major step towards culling of 30 kangaroos" (Cowra Guardian, 14/11/19)
“Council revises Valley View street names after community submissions” (Cowra Guardian, 17/4/19)
“A new Cowra ambulance station is part of long game for Cooke” (Cowra Guardian, 28/1/19)

“‘Risky’ lack of Nuclear governance in the Asia Pacific” (Pursuit, 9/10/17, with Andrew Trounson)
“Protest and Democracy in Asia” (Pursuit, 26/7/17)

“Rodwell's Run: How a Cowra local became Australia's first NBA draftee” (Cowra Guardian, 30/10/19)
“Questions and answers: Magpies’ future forum leaves food for thought” (Cowra Guardian, 1/9/19)
"Rainbow reflects as he calls time on playing days” (Cowra Guardian, 11/4/2019)


A newsletter using note-taking and cultural criticism as a kind of mental composting practice to more constructively support the broader aims of my work.

Part of this practice, a diary, is necessarily private: Just as the separation of a banana peel from a container of yoghurt past its use-by date is not particularly interesting, some of this process is dry and boring, even if it is personally important.

However, sometimes the process of reviewing and note-taking will obviously merit further writing, and that’s what this newsletter is for. It is observations and criticism about specific works and/or themes I’ve found in what I’ve been reading, watching and listening to.

The newsletters aren’t the totality of my work, but instead are exercises in writing towards ideas and forms that I will explore in other projects (including other types of writing and journalism).



Hello, I've just relaunched this site - I'm currently based in Western Australia for the next couple of months but am available to pursue freelancing projects for local, national and international publications organisations pending what you need.

Aside from that, I'm currently helping to manage the social media and provide editorial support for two of the WNBL competition over Summer.

If you have any queries, don't hesitate to contact me directly via the Contact form or via the mechanisms provided in the footer.

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